Persan A

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Product description

Persan A is a powerful, non-rinse, one-step acid sanitizer designed for use in dairy, food, and beverage processing industries. It is specifically formulated for CIP and COP applications, as well as pipeline, silo, tank, and equipment sanitizing.

With a blend of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and nitric acid, Persan A delivers exceptional sanitizing capabilities. Diluting 1 ounce of Persan A with 6 gallons of water results in a concentration of 90 ppm PAA (peracetic acid).

This innovative sanitizer effectively eliminates pathogens and bacteria while meeting industry standards. Its non-rinse formula saves time, resources, and water.

Upgrade your sanitation practices with Persan A, the advanced acid sanitizer for superior cleanliness and efficiency in the dairy, food, and beverage processing industries.